TAKAHIK River Valley Hikers
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BLUE HOLE 4/30/16

Arriving at Blue Hole Trailhead

Ready for an adventure

Man, it was thick out today...

Our first view of Hurricane Creek

Now to figure out a way to cross?

We decided the only way to cross....
was to go ahead and get WET!

Lots of waterfalls today.....almost too much water!

East of Blue Hole

Now on up the creek (south)

Upper Blue Hole Falls

Upper Blue Hole Falls

If they only knew how dangerous
that looked....

Time for a few pics and onward...

We decided to spend some time here

Linda did not bring her violin?

Now back over and up Hurricane Creek

We would do this a lot today...!

I believe it is over your boots?

But if you cross on a log.....it isn't.

Swift current in the creek....

In places it was waist deep....

And on Yuko it was "neck" deep!

One more waterfall and lunch time.

What a perfect place....but nothing was dry.
(Including us!)

Such a nice day to be out....

WF #7 on Hurricane Creek

Lots of pictures taken today....

David was having a hay day with the waterfalls.

WF #7a on Hurricane Creek
(More upstream, but we didn't go
any further today)

David Berger

A nice side waterfall

WF #7b

David doing his usual thing!

Time for a little r and r

It is not easy treading water all day!

Lots of butterflies today....

Time to change boots once again....

Heading to Green Grotto Falls

A series of pictures of Kathy and Ray
at Green Grotto Falls

Now what are theses guys up too?

Ah....now we know!

Green Grotto Falls

US at Green Grotto Falls

Now us and out...through the thick brush.

Made it back to the road.

James was not wearing shorts next time!

A picture of Mary says it all!

Fiddlehead Falls

Campsite at Fiddlehead

We decided to go downstream....

Waterfall below Fiddlehead

Now was another creek crossing and OUT!

Ray stuck in the falls.....!!!!!

It was all thumbs up .......

Man what a day...!!!!

We stopped in Appleton for a little

That is NOT beer but that is
pickle flavored potato chips....
WOW what a whang....

Linda needed something to cool her down.

Kathy's new hat?????

You will have to ask her about this!

Well folks, this was our last hike of our
18th season....and it was a doozy!