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Pedestal Rock 4/4/15
It was good to have Bill Strait back with us today (and of course Sue Ann). Bill was one of our
first members in 1999.  He came on our first hike to Pedestal Rock on 2/20/99.
He hadn't been back with us until today.....you figure it out!

Pedestal Rock 2/20/99
It all goes to plan, we will see Bill again in 2021.

We would stay on this trail for a little while and then
we would disappear into The Wonders Downunder.

We made our exit at the Arch Rock

They were already beginning to "Wonder"!

This would be our first "Wonder Downunder"

Squeezing through a few tight spots!

Our view out the back.....

There was still room for a few more.

On "Downunder" we go!

Downunder means going down.....

The Sundae Pedestal

Michael named this one the
"Infamous Pedestal" as opposite to
the "Famous Pedestal"!

.....and on down we go....

That's Scott up there trying to figure
out how to get to the cave just below him.
Somehow he does!!!!

Search plane our looking for us?
Hey, we are down here!!!

The Double

Access to The Double
Inside The Double
Why it's called The Double

Exploring inside....

From inside looking down into the Big Room.
There is quite a drop at this point.

This is how big The Double is inside compared
to Scott standing near the double windows.

Scott at one of the windows

This is our other Scott trying to call home?

Amazing place inside...

Exiting out of The Double

Just another one of the many pedestals....
Arriving at The Uppers
From inside The Uppers looking out

One of the exits out of The Uppers

There was just one cave after the other.....

By this time we were scattered all over
the place, exploring!!!!

Inside with flash....nice art work!

Some folks were looking a little spooked?
Maybe Lila?

I dared Scott to check on around the corner....
didn't see him for a while?

Lila in The Silhouette Room

Sun Ann checking things out.

Heading on down and around.....

I think Scott got stuck up there.....but he found
a way down....

That last step was a doozy!

....and yet another cave.

Exploring The Elephant Cave

Michael trying to figure out how we
got way down there and he way up here?

Climbing up now.....


Our staff photographer...Michael.

John looking at some ancient pictographs....(1997)

It rubs off on your hands, so I am pretty sure it
has to be 1997?

Some much to explore....

....so much!

...and danger too!

Couldn't keep Scott out of all the crevices!

Some stayed down below...

Even Lila stayed down below for the most part!

We finally made it back on top.....for lunch!

It was such a happy time....

We even told lawyer jobs.....

Bill the Ridge Runner
(Well, we were on a ridge and he wasn't running?)

Since we had been down below we took the
trail back the way we came.....such a
different perspective!

When we got back to the intersection....
Bill was gone, gone....
but he had forgotten one thing....

.....Sue Ann.
(Bye you two, hope to see you again)
Yeah, before 2021.

We hadn't planned to do this, but it was early and
such a nice day, so....

... so we decided to go find the moonshine grotto.

....and we found it.
(This is our secret)

King's Bluff is an amazing area too.

There are 7 caves below, but we decided to stay
on top this time.

You ought to see these from below!

The sun sure felt good today.

If James only knew where he was standing!

Lot's of unprotected holes....

Arriving at King's Bluff Falls

New work being done by the Forest Service
on replacing the pier and railings.
The rest of the railings have already been done.
THANKS for that also.

This is right next the King's Bluff Falls

Dave's favorite pine tree.

Lila was so tired, John had to wheel her out!

Time to head on out....

There were a few more cars at the parking lot
when we returned.....lot's of folks out today.

It was such a nice day, nobody wanted to leave....