TAKAHIK River Valley Hikers
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Cars shuttled, time to head DOWN....

Map of our hike (East side of Hwy. 7)

Notice all the "green"!

There are not many ways to get down...
but this is our way....

Still headed down....

We are mostly smiling at this point...
(Hope no one is allergic to poison ivy?)

First sign of water.....
(Most of the south part of the state got anywhere
from1-4" of rain on Friday...this area got 0.09".

We made it to the creek, now on downward!

We would cross the drainage...(?) times.
(?) = a bunch

Our visitors from Kentucky..Tom and Pat...
I wonder if they wonder what they have gotten
themselves in to?

It will be hard in some of these pictures to pick
out the folks.

Arriving at Twin Falls.....
(Cabin Falls was not running much)

I hate to tell Chris, but this log does not go
all the way across...! Nay, let him find out!

I don't think this is going to work?

A little more water as we descend down the creek.

I bet John wished Heidi was here?

This is Lila at Lila Falls...
The last time she was here she took a swim....
(Thus the name "Lila Falls")

Lila in 2012

Lila Falls from below

If there were no creek, it would be easy to get
lost in this jungle.

Back and forth, back and forth....

Un-named waterfall....
Must be at least 1 ft. high?

At this point we were all about ready to take
a swim....but didn't.

But we did take time to wash the poison ivy
off our hands, etc.

Pat, from Kentucky, was quite a trooper,
never complained....we did all that!

Finally got a group picture, somewhere in the
middle of nowhere!

Buckeye and a Butterfly

We only saw three snakes, that we know of,
one was a cottonmouth that John Bearden got
a picture of......

We finally reached the "bottomlands", it was so much
fun to get on "flat" ground...!
This is the area we saw the wild hogs....last time here.

...and this is where I lost my glasses a
few years ago...and Bob Northup
found them....unbelievable!

Arriving at Four-Fingers Falls and lunch.

This is how to enjoy a waterfall....

Arnie enjoying the waterfall...
(The rest of the hike would not be too
enjoyable for him!)

US at Four-Fingers Falls

Now heading up to Winter Hollow Falls....

Winter Hollow Falls

....and again, this is how to enjoy a waterfall.

John, Chris and Lila above the falls.

We enter the boulder field

....and now our accent up and out.
(This would not be pretty!)

A Lady Slipper to cheer us on....

Chris is way to relaxed....

We rested often......
It was getting close to 80 degrees, but the cool
breeze was great...

We filtered lots of water today...
before we headed on the steep climb out.

I see NO smiles at this point!

The ladies were the only smiles I did find,
at this point!

There would be no more pictures until we reached
the top......you would not want to see them!!!!

We reached the top and got an Arkansas
welcome.....old mattresses, couches, etc.

Arnie finally got a smile on his face....and
we were glad.

I can't believe someone trashed this field...
well, yes I can.

Now we all SMILE!

Michael's elevation profile of our hike today....

Michael's route...some took other routes.

This is the last route we took....
Route 44 at the Sonic.