TAKAHIK River Valley Hikers
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We actually parked eight vehicles in a
 two spot parking area! We're good!

TAKAHIK at North Fork Illinois Bayou
in downtown Victor, AR
Ready for our 1-mile hike!

The temperature was 30 degrees as we started!

Heidi made it first to The Mill Hole Falls

This would be our first stop before our mighty
crossing of the North Fork!

This is where we decided to cross?
Well, some of us decided!

We soon realized this was going to be more
difficult than we thought!

Kathy chose her own crossing!

Yolanda decided to follow Kathy.

Terrence got half way and turned back.....
man it was COLD!!!!

Joe was the last one to cross here.
About nine others decided to try up stream.
The rocks were a little loose and slick!

However, Gloria decided she was going to cross
no matter what, and she did!

Rodger decided he was crossing too.

It was Debra's turn next.

Next was Scott.

These folks were stranded on the other side....
some changed their minds and crossed.

John was determined that everyone was
coming across!
After 1-hour most of us got across....the rest went
on a hike of their own.

Now after punishing ourselves crossing
the creek, we punished ourselves climbing
a very steep mountain!

Come on Dave, you're not that
much out of shape?
We were hiking up a horse trail and
horses don't believe in switchbacks!

Our first view from the top....
looking down on North Fork

Some of those that made it to the top...
there were others but they were already
exploring the cave.

The Orange Point

This is the way to the cave......
it was Heidi's way!

Entrance to Victor Indian Cave

There is a neat chiseled hole inside the cave
leading to a nice overlook porch on the other side.

Chris crawling through the hole

You just had to be there! Right Lila?

Heidi the Adventurer

We were now looking for a geocache

We know it is up here somewhere.

Most of us gave up looking....
Mark didn't and he found it!

Placed by FTF Captaincooder &
The Cacklers

Geocache GC2XZFZ
"Above the North Fork"
We signed it and put it back.

Too much fun on the mountain,
it was time to head down...
and cross that creek again!

OK, here we go again!

Glen. He is the one that told us about this place.

I think we almost lost John?

A closer shot of John.....

Mary getting ready.

These were some of our rock builders.
John would soon have the creek full of rocks.

....and here comes Mary.

Meanwhile back down stream....

Adam didn't have any problems

John made it look easy....of course
he was one of the ones that built the pathway!

We only smiled once we made it across....
did I mention the water was COLD?

After 3-hours, we had hiked a total of 1-mile!
Are we good or what?

Now back to The Mill Hole

Is Lila trying to push Paula in?

The Mill Hole

David setting up his camera using a primitive
tripod....but it worked.

This was the shot he got!

Once back at our vehicles, look what Scott
found in the Illinois Bayou. Really!
We all went our separate ways.....some took a
shortcut home.....pictures to follow:

We made a few stops on the way back home....

Looking upstream on the North Fork Illinois Bayou

A lot of campsite along the Bayou

Look what we found at the campsite...

We tried to tell Lila it was not real!

She was enjoying this way too much!

And look what Heidi found at the campsite...

...and she was enjoying it way too much!

....and look what else we found!

We were waiting for Heidi to fall in....check some
later pictures!

We hiked 1-mile, Mary Ann hiked 5-miles,
and she was pooped!

Further downstream

These are....

.....the later....



....she was still smiling.

She was cold so we wrapped her
in a space blanket....

One of our last stops was at Jones Cemetery
(aka Jones-Prince Cemetery)

G.S. Yates (Gabriel S. "Gabe" Yates)
B. Dec. 31, 1820, D. Dec. 14, 1881
 Company B

Gray's Arkansas Battalion
Mexican War
(Which was fought between June, 1847-July 1848)
Gabe was  a Minister who performed many marriages
in Pope County.

Cpl. - Mark Prince
B. 1820, D. unknown

Company B
2nd Ark Calvary Civil War
(aka Co. E 17 AR Inf CSA)
Married to Cartherie Brewton

Many unmarked gravesites