TAKAHIK River Valley Hikers
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We have our "safety coordinator"....

....our "photographer"....

....and our "rain suits"....
so, we were ready to go!

Began our hike down an old Forest Service road

So this is where we actually start hiking
into the woods and down to Stepp Creek

We found an old "dig grotto" on our way
down to the creek.

Rodger was heading us in the right direction?

We finally make in down below
Stepp Creek Falls

Time for a photo opt
(The waters were crazy today)

Discussion time also....

This is the first waterfall below Stepp Creek Falls
(You can see Stepp Creek Falls in the background)

You probably can't see it but there is a
"pink" tint behind the waterfall....
that would be Heidi!

....and that is Heidi and Scott on the right
(Both were behind the waterfall!)

Now on down Stepp Creek

There was a lot of picture taking today...
those that stayed home because of the
threat of rain.....shame on you!

Tina lost her cell phone and guess who
found it.....? Cindy.  Way to go!

Found these screening boxes on the side of the creek.

Large grotto on the north side of the creek

We made it to the intersection of Stepp Creek and
a side creek.....and you guessed it?
Cindy called it "Side Stepp Creek" get it?

Since we got a late start (you can asked Yuko
about that) it was 11:30 A.M. by the time we got
to this spot.....so LUNCH TIME!

.....so David had time to take of few shots of
this little waterfall.

Enjoying lunch

This must be our lunch spot....someone had
marked it for us?

Glen and John

Tina, Heidi and James



Part of Stepp Creek

The TAKAHIK bunch in the middle
of nowhere.....and enjoying it!

John getting a picture of
Intersection Falls

John getting a picture looking on
down Stepp Creek

Heidi found a Bear Crack

We found ICE!

Heading up "Side Stepp Creek"

And here is Big Sycamore Tree Falls

Big Sycamore Tree Falls
(Wished I had my big camera!)

What is it that Lila has spotted?

Could it be her lunch?

Group picture!

One more waterfall up the creek

Another photo opt

We have a tree hugger with us today!

Several take their turn behind the falls

Notice  how folks are climbing on the left?
Someone didn't make it????

Anyone know what this black fungi is?
We see it everywhere on trees. etc.

Big Sycamore Falls from the side

OK guys let's head up stream.....

The last waterfall up "Side Stepp Creek"

David and Michael getting their feet wet
to get a good shot....

This is how you do it if you are a serious

This is also what you have to do....

We would now take a "shortcut" back
out of here?

Our last look at Side Stepp Creek

Rodger would beat everyone back to
the vehicles.....

The Beech Trees and the creeks were amazing today!

We found the Bear Crack and go back down
off the bluffs.....only to discover we needed
to stay on top a bit longer.....

....so we found another a hole in the bluff
and headed back on top....
(This was not very big, so some chose the
Bear Crack to get back on top)

This is where folks had to decide how to get back on top.
(Bear Crack or Hole)

Heidi and Scott helped get our backpacks on top

That's the "hole" on the right....tiny!

Passing by Stepp Creek Falls on our way out

Not sure if Tina is going to jump or what?

We would have to cross this several times!

Time to doing some shedding before we head

We make it halfway up the hill (our shortcut?)
and now to see where we where and how to

Still smiling at this point!

Folks lost in the woods!

Found the old Forest Service road

Ah, our vehicles!

....and here come the rest!
What a great day.....didn't get rained on
after all....sure glad we didn't stay home.