TAKAHIK River Valley Hikers
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Pics by R. Allen, J. Strother, M. & Y. Parks

Our adventure begins....

If we look cold, it is because we were....but hey!

Trustin excited about the ice.


Mary doing some exploring on her own.


and then.....Heidi, Trustin and Lila

Ninji Heidi

Somehow we are being separated....

While this picture was being taken, the ice behind
was cracking and falling!

I told you Trustin likes ICE!


Nice rock formations...

....they were everywhere.

I wouldn't  go up there......!

Parts of an old still....

This is what yellow paint does to the inside of a
cave,someone has ruined it!

Some of the pictographs

Inside one of the many caves

Someone need help?

On top of the grotto and time for lunch.

This is looking down into Grotto Falls







Heading down into the grotto from the top

Grotto Falls, but not much water....
Tina discovers a Secret?

Mike coming out of yet another cave
Mile 2
James at the Natural Bridge





One of my favorite places,
the turtle rocks above the Natural Bridge





Our leader and Petit Jean Mt. expert.....Ray.
A wonderful day of exploring on Petit Jean Mt.