TAKAHIK River Valley Hikers
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Mr. Bolan (Keeper of Rotary Ann)
trying to keep us out! Didn't work!

No place to park today....but we did!

First day of modern gun season.....
folks will think this is a good place to hunt.

Light too bright today.......33 of us headed
for the wilderness.

Sandstone Castles is our distination.

The first part is the steep part...

We rested at the top....

Hornets Nest....don't bother!

Boy the sun was bright today.

Emberly climbing on one of the many
rock walls....

....and a big smile for grandma.

Arriving at the Sandstone Castles

The leaves were slick today....

Heading on around to one of the castles

Inside looking out...
(Sorry for the dark pictures...couldn't
get my filter off my lens!)


Inside the Arch Rock

Inside the Arch Rock

The west cave.....

A really neat place....

Looking for a place for lunch

Found it!

The sunshine felt good

and eating felt good too!

Inside the big cave

We got folks talking on the phone and some sleeping!

Char and Rodney

There's that "Carol" look!

Guess where Paula found a place to eat?
You know it....in a cave high up.

Paula's eating place, way up there!

We met a large group of overnight hikers on
our way out. 

We made it up the first hill.....

The trail goes by several rock walls.....

Butch and Phil were going hang gliding
after the hike....but first ....rest!

A sign to remind us not to enter private property

Kat sliding down the hill....several of us did.

We came out of the woods, a few at a time!

Some of our vehicles are still there....there's Chris's

Here comes some more.....

...and more
....and more
John and Claudia
These ladies did great and drove a long way
to do it!
Some serious talking going on.....
And finally the last have arrived!