TAKAHIK River Valley Hikers
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Arriving at Rough Hollow Trailhead

Heading up FR 1803

Our first creek crossing

Our first and hardest crossing....

Big Rock Falls
(We would return to this later)

Top of Big Rock Falls

Heading up to Trigg Falls

It was a steep climb and several rest stops!


Eddie was protected from head to foot...
except from Char!

Our first sighting of Trigg Falls

There is Trigg Falls and there is
David Trigg!

Looking back down the hollow

I see Cindy but I don't see Dre?

This is Dre
(In case you were wondering)

Looks frozen, but it wasn't!

Kathy and Ray lost in the brush!

More lost folks!

Ray heading on up to the falls while the rest of
us climb up to the bluffs and do some exploring.

Thought we had found a cave....but it wasn't.

Has to be a cave or something up here?

How about a small Hawksbill Crag?

Climbing up to the bluffs was a bit STEEP!

Cindy found the best way to get down.....
And Dre was right behind her.

If this looks steep....it was!

Still exploring the bluffs.

....and still.....

Dave used this tree to climb up there....
yeah sure!

Glad there were plenty of trees to hang on too.

Nice rock formations, but no caves!

But look what we did find....

We are in the middle of nowhere
and we find climbers have been here, amazing.

This is where they were headed.

Now we have to head way down there....

We did find this pedestal and a crawl hole.

Can you spot Dre in this picture?

Can you spot our snowman in this picture?

Does this help?

(Built by Dave)

Now on down Rough Hollow....

Getting close to our lunch spot.

A nice slot at the intersection

Lunch time...

Lunch in the sun felt good.

Heard some good story from Ray

Lila and Alan



Saying goodby to Rough Hollow and heading
up a side creek to Rough Falls

A stump hole on the creek

A tree hole on a stump

This is what is in a tree hole on a stump!

You just never know what you will
find up a creek!

We kept thinking someone was spying on us....

Ah, a knot on a log, or a nut on a log...
you decide!

Rough Falls

Waiting on the rest in the sun.

Someone found a turtle shell hat!
Could it be Char?

Sitting and enjoying the falls

We finally all made it....and there weren't
many of us today.

Can you spot Dre in this one?

OK picture time is over, time to head up and out!

This is the way out

I am glad that Lila is not riding in my vehicle.

Why is it always steep going out?

We made it to the top, but someone had
an accident?

Kathy had fallen and hurt herself pretty badly!

This is always a sign of a Good Hike!

April Fool....

Made it back and all our vehicles were there!
That is also a sign of a Good Hike.

Slowly but surely we all made it.

Before we head over to Longpool, Dave finds us
a neat lookout.

It was overlooking Big Piney

We found another lookout, but first
you have to jump over this very deep crack!

It wasn't exactly easy to get to.

Lila stayed back to take our picture.

OK, now back and ready to head to Longpool.

Now, parking and headed to Longpool Falls

Dave leading the way

Such, the road is close....

....but did it stop us?

Lower Longpool Falls

Lower Longpool Falls

Lower Longpool Falls

Longpool Falls

Cindy and Dre

Anything wrong with our flag?

That's better.

It was a great day to be out....
hard to believe today  it was 64 degrees!