TAKAHIK River Valley Hikers
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Our meeting place.....

This hike was first named Red Rock Cow Pattie Stroll
in honor of Bob and Dorothy Northup, when Bob
managed to step in a fresh cow pie....thus the name.

Caravanning over to Red Rock

At least there was plenty of space to park here.
(And we needed it today)

There were 55 of us today......
the wind was blowing so excuse the hair!

That's a bunch of folks.....!!!!

We would soon begin to scatter just a bit!

The sun was shinning and the wind was blowing.
(Not good to be out in an open field?)

Might be headed to Woodstock?

We have this field, then a hill, then another
field, then another hill.....!

Will this ever end?

Not sure what's over the hill,
but we will soon find out!

That's Michael up there scouting it out.

The first bunch coming over the hill.

Paula and Chris are next.

Paula decides to run down the hill in all her
excitement.....Chris is trying not to lose his pants!

One of the many ponds

I think Emma likes it up here!

Phil looking for a hang glider land spot?

Once we got to the top...the view was endless!

Time for a snack and enjoy the view.

This hike used to be called the
Red Rock Cow Pattie Hike....
we found one!

James had lots of women taking his picture....
maybe he's a celebrity?

Wind still blowing!

Nice looking group of ladies.....

Had a few pets show up....

....loved all the attention!

Mary Ann and her new hiking stick... nice!

A few decided to go on down the Red Rock Point.

A little difficult to get to, but well worth it.

Even a nice little place to hang out.

This was getting a little too close to the edge.

David found a spot in the sun....

I am not sure if she is saying "I'm not
carrying this backpack another step" or what?

A few shots off the mountain

The Hog Farm at Mt. Judea

This is what happens if you don't
follow instructions.....don't fall off!

Phil is smiling because he just found a new
hang gliding spot?

Two girls "blowing in the wind".

Remember Michael....when we leave you have
to leave too!

Time to head back and this is all we could find?

Paula is always living on the edge!

Heading home......!

Some got to eat at the Ozark Cafe with these guys....

Some went on to the Low Gap Cafe....