TAKAHIK River Valley Hikers
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Arriving at the base of Pilot Rock

Now for the climb up.

This is where we are headed.

View of Mt. Magazine....

View of the ANO Cooling Tower and Mt. Nebo

Bobbye and Lori taking pictures of the foggy view.

Yes, indeed, Spring is here...
(Rose Verbena)

US on top of Pilot Rock

We got on top, now back down....

Well, some of us got down....

Flint got up, but now to figure out a way to
get him down?

Chris to the rescue....but what about getting Chris
down?  Ah, leave him!

More Spring....
(Star of Bethlem)

Yep, we just had to leave him....

The rest of us explored around the base of the

Ah, but wait, we found a cave way up there!
Paula tried to get to it, but didn't.
Maybe next time?

Bobbye, Diane and Lori
(and Flint who did get off the bluff)

Brittany and Angela

Time to head down and head for the other
mountainshown in the upper right....Pilot Knob.

Back down off the mountain....

Lile has a flower in her hat...but don't tell her.

(Field Mustard ?)

B-15 in Concrete
At one time this was a deep whole (Maybe a well?)
One of the Conc. Piers for the former Fire Tower
Several rock walls that surrounded this area
aling the outside edges.
Lila sneaking up on someone...
Brittany and Angela

Get out of the way......
....the rest of us walked down.
Now over to The Arkansas Sphinx.
Arriving at the base of the Sphinx
That's a looong way up there!!!!

The only way I know to get to the top...
is GO.....

....and GO we did!

Arriving at the first rock outcropping.

And there is the Sphinx....with Chris already
up in it!

....and now Paula is up there!

And the last of them come hiking up through the
briars and bushes.....
and the Devils Sticks....lots of them!

Paula enjoying her personal view of the valley....


Brittany and Becky....scared????

A nice view looking south....

US at the base of the Sphinx

The Arkansas Sphinx

Mike "The Thinker"!

Lila "The Scardy Cat"!

Diane and Lori "The Calm Ones"!

We all took turns....well some of us!

Indians have been here?



Chuck looking out the backside....

His view.....

Panoramic looking south....

Panoramic looking west.....

Flint doesn't know why he can't come
up there to with Steve and Becky.

No rain so far....so we enjoyed just sitting around
and looking at the views...

Such a nice day after all.....

Linda is still smiling....she is used to running...
not climbing up a steep hillside!

I fell like someone is looking at me?

I think Brittany is worn out?

Ah, Brittany woke up...time to head down!

....and down we went.

Made it!

I can hear some folks still coming down...
just can't see them!

How to get to The Arkansas Sphinx

The last have arrived.
Now on to Haw Creek Falls for lunch.

Lunch at Haw Creek Falls

Steve looking for something to eat???

Waiting for the rain to come....never did!

The girls at play.....

We all had our cameras out, waiting for someone to?

Flint and Becky

(We couldn't get her to sit in the water...)

Trustin last year....

I think maybe Lila is going under?

Haw Creek Falls today

It helps to cross with a buddy.

Just above Haw Creek Falls

Lori taking a picture of Diane taking a picture....

Did I mention it was a very fine day?

Now it was over to Pam's Grotto

Forgot to mention it is a steep climb....

Rock climbers have been here.

Pam's Grotto Falls


Found behind the falls

Roaming around....

More visiting at the grotto....

US at Pam's Grotto

Back out on Hwy. 123

We said bye to Bobbye, Diane and Lori

Went back down to Haw Creek for our last look.

A nice rock carne on the bank.

Lila is pointing at.....

.... a nice little waterfall on Haw Creek

Crested Iris