TAKAHIK River Valley Hikers
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(Pics by Josh Trigg, Paula Holland, Mary Poteete & Mary Garner)

Arriving at Penhook Trailhead

David Trigg leading us along the ATV trail

Taking a breather....

....continuing on....

We would be leaving the trail very soon....

....and heading down into Penhook Hollow

I believe SPRING is here!

Made it down into the hollow....now up the hollow!


A side waterfall along the way.....
(aka Conc. Slab Falls)

Trying to get a closer look at the falls...

If you look at Conc. Slab Falls from the top
you can see why we call it that!

Can't wait until SUMMER gets here!

Trying to find an easier way....don't think so!

Is that Bean and Radio and someone in shorts?

Getting closer to Penhook Hollow Falls

Our first sighting of Penhook Hollow Falls


Getting closer requires a little help!

Way to go Dave....you got us there!

Not much water today, but the challenge
getting there was worth it?
Or maybe not?

Someone always has to do this!

Some of our ladies.....

US below Penhook Hollow Falls
(Whose taking the picture and where is Bean?)

Up on top of Penhook Hollow Falls

The cascades above the falls

Found the road above the falls...
now heading back!

Now on over to Bayou Bluff Recreation Area
Upper Campgrounds

Entrance to the trail

Pretty nice if it were like this all the way!

Lunch or instructions?

A nice view of the Illinois Bayou

Now this was not a nice view.....!!!!

Once you see a snake...you see them everywhere!
(Or think you do.....)

This trail follows along the top of the bluff next to
the Illinois Bayou down below...

Yep.....SPRING is surely here!

Dogwoods have finally arrived...

These signs were all along the trail, giving the names
and scientific names of a bunch of trees.....neat!

I wonder who is going to Florida?
Could it be Josh and Hannah?

More views from the top....

A really stressed out Pine Tree....
(aka A Stressed Pinus Echinata)

We were hot and we were tired, so it was time
to do something about it....!

Time to roll up our pants to get wet.....


I am surprized Lila is not in the "deep" water!

Another great day to be outdoors....