TAKAHIK River Valley Hikers
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Arriving at Big Piney Trailhead

Lots of car here today.....?

Our big crew for the day

Our special guest today.....Bean!

This may have to be our project on this section?

We made do....but still got our feet muddy!

Mile Marker 105
(Sign post is missing)

105 Tag at bottom of tree

We never see water at this waterfall..
but we did today.

Trail was in pretty good shape today....

....at few tree tops, but that was about all.

Char found an old spring off the trail...
we had never seen it before.

The old spring incased in concrete

Pipes running on the inside and the concrete
had plaster as a lining?

Paula has spotted a huge rock....
and you know what that means?

Paula and Chris had to climb to the top!

This large rock used to be at the top of the
bluffs above the trail.....maybe?

Haw Creek is raging today.

This is our marker leading to Pam's Grotto from
the OHT and across Haw Creek.

Still doing a little maintenance....
It began to rain again once we got to
Haw Creek Campground.
Finishing our work......now what?
Someone left us a camp fire....felt good today.
We "rested" our tools and went to see
Haw Creek Falls
Haw Creek Falls
Notice who likes to stand in water!
Nice flow today!
Char was still playing in the creek.....
Bean enjoyed his day out....well sort of!
We decided to explore the bluff lines on
our way back to the trailhead....
....so it was up and up....
This was as far as they got on this bluff...
Haw Creek way down there...
Some of the bluffs we were exploring
We found a neat pedestal with a natural
bridge connecting it to the bluff line.
If you look close you can see Paula up on the
natural bridge with Chris down below.
Can you see the fish?
There might be a treasure behind this formation?
Back on the trail and crossing the swamp.
This car is from Colorado.  There were cars from
Texas, Tennessee, Missouri and of course
Arkansas parked at the trailhead.
We would eat lunch here and try and dry out a
bit.  Turned out to be a pretty good day after all.