TAKAHIK River Valley Hikers
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OHT MAINTENANCE 10/24 & 26/15

OHT Maintenance Haw Creek CG to Big Piney

Few, but just enough.....
It rained on our way to the OHT, and started back
when we finished.....so good!

This is what Haw Creek looked like today....
DRY !!!!!

Already to Mile Marker 104....

It wasn't long before the work began!

Right off the bat we had a BIG one down.
Be back with the chainsaw....

Phil doing the hard work?

We took turns with Gloria's mighty
hand saw...

The woods were still in their fall array....

Time once again to get the saw out!

Lila was cutting too fast.....her hands blured!

So now it was Kathy's turn....
sure hope we don't have a Big tree to cut!

Way too much fun today!

Even I got in on the action....

Can't tell who this is?
Is that Melissa?

I think she has found something?

An old spring in the middle of nowhere.

A little humid, a little wet, a little hot!

Section 38 - OHT

On my way to Chancel Spur

No problem crossing Buck Branch today.

Gate to Chancel Spur

Sign at Gate

Blue Markers indicate Chancel Spur to OHT

Sign in Box a bit messed up!

Sign w/no sign info.

Old road along Buck Branch

Intersection of Chancel Spur and the OHT
Mile 118.4. Arrived at 8:50 A.M.

Mile Marker 119

Mile Marker 120.....
so far trail in good shape.

Made it to lunch spot at 11:15 A.M.

Mile Marker 121

Mile Marker 122....all is well!

Mile 122.9 and finished!

Had a BIG surprise when I arrivied at
FR 1209.....it was OPEN!

A very welcomed site......
(7.8 miles to do 4.5 miles of the OHT)