TAKAHIK River Valley Hikers
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68 Hikers out today.......must have been the hot dogs?

Heading out......

This camper lady was asleep in the
nice sunshine until we showed up!

We woke up a lot of campers......

These girls look like they may be up to something?
That includes Melissa too!

This is the hard part......the rest is easy!

Well, maybe there are more "hard parts"?

Fido problems?

Waiting their turn to go DOWN!

At least this year the steps were not slick!

Elizebeth is thinking this is a piece of cake...
where's the Hard Stuff?

It will be awhile before we all get down!

........ and finally we all made it.

Trustin enjoying a nice rock seat.

Identifying some of the plants.....

You may know what kind of flower
this is......I know it's proper name...
A Yellow Wildflower!!!

I do know what this is.....a beautyberry....
or as I always call them "callicarpa".

Lila and Linda are impressed with my knowledge!

Joe....he's not so impressed!

Daisy and Mary on the trail.
They had a pretty rough summer
along with Joe......

Our first view of Spring Mountain

Stopped to wait on the others to catch up.

A look at the valley on the south side of Nebo.

Rod waiting on Char to catch up....she is SO SLOW!

Rusty and Nita Taylor's cabin.....
it's for rent, if you need a place!

Time to catch up on our talking....
can't talk and walk!

Elizebeth and Brian

Josh and David
(Glad to have Josh back from Florida and
David back from Conway)

Carol, James and Donna

Anita and Donna

Miss Retired Person....Mary Ann

Danny and Brenda

Kat or better known as.....
"Enirehtak Wons"

OK, Emberly says it's time to go.....enough talk!

.... so off we go.

Trustin and Tina

Rebecca and Loretta

John....our staff photographer....
(His car wouldn't make it up the mountain,
so he walked up!) and back down!

John, photobombing Chris and Judy

Judy and Chris again....
(with John photobombing again!)
(Way in the back!)

Our secret hikers.....

We had NO takers today!

Still have a long way to go.....

I believe we have a rock climber.....

Debbie and Kathy

Mike making sure everyone makes it over the bridge.

Bill's got blisters? This is a really
hard and long hike!

I wonder what she's thinking...
like come on grownups!

We finally make it to Sunset Point.....

So we'll wait until everyone gets here and
then take our "group picture".

Talking time again.....

I am sure Emberly enjoys this......posing!

We are getting closer to the time.....


These ladies wanted their own Group Shot!
Donna, Cindy, Patti and Anita
(Cindy and Patti had a blowout on I-40 on the way....
they were late....we let them have a hot dog anyway)

Why is everyone hiking so fast?

Because they can smell the food....

Can you smell it?.....it was so good!

Our cooks....Barbara and Dale

It didn't take us long to devour 125 hot dogs!

It was a great start to our 18th Season of Hiking.  A beautiful day on the mountain. Great food and great folks to enjoy it with.....

We had a lot of new hikers today, got re-acquainted, had a good hike, perfect weather, and still got done by noon.
Now if you missed it, shame on you.
(But we have plenty more hikes coming up, hope to see you there)