TAKAHIK River Valley Hikers
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Gathering at the foot of Mt. Nebo

A fine group of 29 on this fine New Year's Day

It was a bit cold and misty, so it did not take much
time for us to get started
heading up the mountain.

Not sure if that's a heart attack or just an

Nate ran part way up the mountain......
oh, if only I was young again!

Bill was one of the first to get to the top and now
he is headed back down......he missed the
group picture!

These are some of the others to get to the top first...
Becky, Laurel, Steve and Flint.
(Now they were going to go hike another

The sign on top was our goal.....

Some of us got "higher" than others, on this
New Year's Day!

See, I told you Nate ran part of the way....
this is how he finished!

Nick and Nate and one tired dog!

Carolyn and Mary

Maebre makes it....

Part of our group on this wonderful
sunshiny day.....yeah sure!
Where were the rest of you?

Lila is starting a new tradition....
stick your tongue to the sign!
(Only Lila would think of this!)

Our favorite part......going back down!
Most of us made it to the top within 45 minutes.

....and yes we did have ICE!

Phil, Lilly, Loretta and Rebecca
(This is actually their back yard)

Brothers and Sister....
(Robert, Maebre and Conlee Hale)

Somebody left their coats on the way up?

...just take what you want and go!

....and the other part we like....

.....the parking lot!
It was a great way to start the New Year off....
.....and now breakfast at Cracker Barrel!
We deserve it.