TAKAHIK River Valley Hikers
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Center Point Trailhead

23-Ready to tackle the Hollow

We will head down this road for 3.5-miles

Happy faces, so far!

Still smiling....

Approaching Goat Bluff turnoff...

This was your chance to go or not to go....all went.

So all headed down the Goat Trail to
the Goat Bluff (aka Big Bluff)

We were enjoying all the downhill trekking.

Glen led the way

We spotted our lunch stop for later on...

There ought to be room in there for all of us?

We will go all the way to the south end....
and even climb on top!

Donna, Yuko, Kathy and Mary

Steve was the first one through the "hole".


Cindy, Donna and Sunshine



The Goat Bluff (aka Big Bluff)

Looking back.....
hard to see where to walk from here!

Danny giving instructions......"don't fall off"!

Approaching the fun part of Goats Bluff

That's a long way down to the Buffalo River!

"Wall Huggers"

There were a few obstacles along the way!

A view of the Buffalo

Kathy enjoying the view


Mary told Hugh not to get close to the
bluff today......so what did he do?



There were more than just us out today.

Mike and Yuko

Heading on out to the south end

Someone said there was a way to get on top?

Ah, and there it is....a Bear Crack up!

After climbing up the Bear Crack...
we found an easier way up just on down
the bluff.......it was fun climbing anyway!

Yuko on top of the Goat Bluff

Pretty neat up there, but you couldn't see out
very good.....better view down below.

Time to head back to our lunch spot.

Donna and Cindy were waiting on us.

I wonder if they know where they are standing?

Danny our leader.

Back in time for lunch.

We were getting hungry.

We found someone that might take our picture.

We were once again smiling....
our bellies were full!

These were the folks that took our picture....
father, daughter out for a hike today.

Someone has been defacing the bluff...
"See the World.....or Don't"

Time to head out and down....we still have
several miles to go....

Made it back to the Goat Bluff Trailhead...

Chuck was really enjoying the hike so far?

We would now head on down the road
to Granny Henderson's Cabin

Still heading downhill .....for now anyway!

Arriving at Granny Henderson's

We would get our picture first and then
do some prowling.

Cindy, Mary and Donna

Logan and Sunshine

Looking down from the window

The ceiling needs a little repair work.

Chuck sitting....

Lila coming down....

Kathy going up....

Steve soaking it all in....

David tree walking....

We needed to play a little here.....because
the rest of the hike would NOT be Play!

Heading down to the Buffalo River and over and
across Sneeds Creek

Crossing Sneeds Creek, heading for
Hemmed-In Hollow Falls without
having to cross the Buffalo River twice!

This trail was a little farther, but a
lot dryer!

Looking for access to the falls....

....and there it is....

....again we will be going downhill....
but you know what that means?

0.2 miles to the falls

....and there it is....

This is how some enjoyed looking at the falls

Hemmed-In Hollow Falls
209 feet tall

Not much water today....but that was OK.
It was still pretty awesome!

We needed to rest......the hike out would be
2.5 miles from here......
straight UP!

One last rest and snack before heading out.

We started here at 1200 msl and at Compton
it will be 2250 msl.....in 1.8 miles....
you figure how steep that it!

We would soon break up into groups....
fast, not so fast, slow and very slow!

Logan is the only one in "our" group that never
did get out of breath....could it be his age?

A look at Hemmed-In Hollow from
California Point on our way up

My group did this very often!

We "named" the steps.....
you just don't want to know what
we named them!

We thought we were about done...
and then saw this sign.  Oh, my!

....and found more steps.  And named them!

....but finally saw this....

We had finshed......Oh, my!

The Victory Sign

Our just reward!
Guess where?