TAKAHIK River Valley Hikers
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Where we are headed eventually!

Our task for the day

There is still color in the Ouachitas

Not sure this guy is too happy with our arrival?

Ready to find some waterfalls first

So off we go....

Hope Dave is not planning on wearing this?

We continue our search...

Ah, Forked Mt. Falls

Looking up Cedar Creek

Looking down Cedar Creek

....and where do we find Paula?

....she is way up there!

....and now a few more!

Forked Mt. Falls

Char is stuck on a rock!

Gloria is stuck on the same rock!

Mary is going to get stuck on the same rock!

We may never get out of this place?

Out looking for another waterfall....

I think that is Twist Cascade

Not much water on Little West Branch

They made it across the roaring
mighty Twist Cascade...it was close!

Snack time.....

How to take a good photo 101....

Bruce from China and UCA

Vera (China), Nancy (China) and Lila (?)



Linda and Mary



We did this a lot today.....

In the middle of nowhere, we found this...
I am sure it was Indians?

Our lunch spot at Cedar Creek Falls

Indeed, it is lunch time.

Someone lost their shoe in the creek?

We make it out, now time to go tackle
the mountain.

Couldn't make it up the road with all our
vehicles, so we shuttled.

This is where we would leave some of them.

Parked, not up to the top!

It was like this the whole way....

If you could read her mind!

Looking back, half way up

Almost to the saddle....

Starting to get a little breezy up here!

Tammie is almost there.....

Now for the fun part...straight UP!

We made it to the TOP of Forked Mt.

Linda brought these three students from UCA

Gloria, our oldest.....?
(Someone get her a comb!)

Take all the pictures you want....we ain't coming
back.  At least this year!

Believe it or not, the wind was not blowing
on top...but it was everywhere else!

When you go UP, you have to go DOWN!

The shorter knob on Forked Mt.
We did the higher knob!

Here they come...

It was harder coming down then going up!

Tammie now has bragging rights...
she made it to the top!

More scrambling.....

Where we just came from.....

Made it....!

Talking it over....who bragged the most?

Somewhere through those pine trees is
Forked Mt.  (Conquered)

Lila had a good time...the rest?

This is picture that Danny Ray Owens took of us two years ago from 2 1/2 miles away.  We were there again today....but nobody took our picture!