TAKAHIK River Valley Hikers
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Our first stop......always at Rotary Ann!

Looking for this road......

Arriving at Falling Water Falls

We usually can't walk on top of the falls.

A little bit of water today.

Josh and Brittany carved on the falls....
hope they are still together!

Some went down below....

Michael doing what he likes to do best...
take pictures.....and good ones!

OK, let's line up...

....get set.....


Time now to move on down the road
and begin our next hike on the OHT.

Making sure we have all our gear....

Off we go....Mile 140-141 on the OHT

Mile 140

Staying together so far.

Mile 141.  This is where we turn off the trail
and head for Keefe Falls.

....and even on this route, we are staying together.

Since there is no water in the creek, we can take
a few shortcuts to the falls.

Our first view of Keefe Falls

A little water, but not much.

Looks like a bunch of tourist?

TAKAHIK at Keefe Falls

Time to come down and head out.
(Chris, Paula and Robert decided to climb
up on top of the falls and make their way back
around the top and they did!!!!)

Some of us decided to follow the bottom of the
bluffs back....and we did!!!!

We could hear Chris, Paula and Robert up above
us somewhere, hope they find a way down!
......and they did.

We soon remembered.....when you go up you
have to come down......some made it look easy!

When we got down we found some enjoying the
nice sunshine.

Some we had to wake up!!!

The sun was really bright today.

We were hoping this was not a tombstone in
the creek?

No writing on it, so I guess not.
This thing was huge!

Now on down to Falling Water Road
(FR 1205)

Brenda enjoyed the "road hike"!
Heading for Six Finger Falls

Looking for a nice sunny spot near Six Fingers
for lunch.....

Mary makes it look easy to access
our sunny spot....

This is our other Mary, sizing up that crossing!

She sized it up pretty well....

This is using technique!


Some people have all the good food?

Welcome Josh (in blue)
You ought to see some of his photography...
very nice!

Time for the rest to come accross...
heading for Fuzzy**tt Falls

This is how John entered....

Entering Fuzzy**tt Falls canyon....

....and it is a canyon!
A little one, but just the same....

There was a little water here....not much.

Danny and Brenda standing next to
Fuzzy**tt......not sure whose?

Everyone had to get their picture....
We couldn't get anyone to pose like
Tim Ernst did.....!

....and this is how some people exit!

Heading back down the horse trail,
looking for Horsetail Falls

We think it is somewhere up there?

We dropped off our backpacks and heading up
the creek....

They are taking pictures of something, so we must
have found it?

Horsetail Falls....and again not much water.

....but still some ice at the bottom.

It was so crowded, Lila could not find a
place to sit.....

....so she sat there!

Kim was always on the lookout for neat stuff.

Robert was going to be camping out
tonight, so he thought he might go ahead
and get his shower!

Michael took this route up to the top
in search of Upper Horsetail Falls.


Another one of those "Dave" looks!

We headed back out and found these two
trapped on a ledge!!!!

With our encouragement, they found their way
around and back to a safe place?

We found a neat place on Falling Water Creek
to take a few more pictures...

This is how we discovered to take the best shots...
Angela is now our staff photographer!

Want to know how hard this hike was?

Beverly was either bored or tired?

It was really a great day.....didn't want to leave.

....but sometimes you just have too!

...and the good part also, is coming back and finding
your vehicle!
Until next time.....see you in the woods.