TAKAHIK River Valley Hikers
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Cave Creek Bluffs looking south.....
Heading for Cave Creek Bluffs
Checking out our 1962 Ford Galaxie 500
We put out rope out and now time to start out hike.
This is the beginning of our "bushwhack"!

Made it to the first vista and a group shot.
Looking east from the bluffs
Rusty and Chris taking a peek over....!
We will be doing the full hike......
Looking south across to the other side....
Looking back west and down below the
bluffs where we will be soon!
There are plenty of vistas along the way....
Chris is always on the wrong bluff....
Debbi drove all the way from Jonesboro and
she is still smiling.....!
Our fearless leader today.....me!
Waiting on who?.....oh Chris!!!
Still have a long way to go....!
Glen drives all the way from Benton just to
enjoy our company!
Still heading east and looking for a way down.
Some amazing bluffs....
Looking down, but not the way we are going.
Still moving east......
Bruce is getting a little close to the edge!
We found out that Bruce is fearless....!!!!
We found out way down.....not pretty!
Not pretty at all!
There were several of these little water spouts
under the bluffs......
This is how Linda gets down......
(we all did this!)
Yuko has been here before....
she knows how to do it!
Rusty has never been here, but he knew how
to do it.....!
Our sticks came in handy today!
Some of us got soaked under Avery Falls
Wet and slippery
The "Famous Footprint"
Once again, we get down the best we can!
Pretty rough going in places....
in fact, quite a few places!
Our first cave.....
....and deep!
Folks had been camping in this one?
Our fireplace was still there.....
This grotto-waterfall is usually where we eat lunch..
we couldn't wait today!
Rusty thought we were about finished...
I hated to tell him differently!
Chains and Clips on this climbers bluff.
(We saw several places of climbers evidence)
This is what we have been looking for....
our way OUT!
This is not EASY!
Debbi wanted to stop and call home
and tell her folks, she made it!
....now she's coming out....
Yuko had no comment!
(She's nice)
Rusty's turn.....
Linda is ready to poke someone with her stick?
....so we sat her down until she
agreed to behave.
James is ready for Mt. Kilimanjaro?
Max had a blast....of course he is YOUNG!
Maurice's turn.....
A few last step-ups for Linda
....and this is her comment!
Rusty's comment, "piece of cake".
(I think what he meant was, I wish I had
a piece of cake!)
Glen we need you up here to help....
....and so he did!
...and last but not least, Chris and Bruce
...and believe it or not, we ALL made it OUT!
....and now up and back to our vehicles.
Sitting is going to feel so GOOD!
(And it did not rain...)