TAKAHIK River Valley Hikers
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Ma-Day County Store downtown Treat

US at Big Piney Overlook
(aka Dover Lights Lookout)

Deer Camp on way to Buzzard's Roost
(Too much time spent in the woods!)

Arriving at Buzzard's Roost Trailhead

PLEASE NOTE: Do not park on west side of
road at white house.....
We were asked by great-grandson of owners
to not park there anymore.

Heading to Buzzard's Roost down FR 93197C

Only 2-miles but it seems a lot further?

Caught up with those in front. (Resting!)

Time to move on.....

Our leader....?

One of our many staff photographers...

Our Gloria!

The big tree at the Natural Bridge finally
blew over, such a shame!
Anyone got a chainsaw?

This is what it used to look like....

On top of the Bridge

Brenda enjoying the sun and something?

Enjoying the sun.....

....and a snack!

Nice ferns growing under the Bridge

A grotto under the Bridge

Under the Bridge...

Looking up at the Bridge

It is a wonder the big tree didn't break the Bridge!

Can't get back up here!

Another view from downunder....
what a mess!

Yuko is checking it out.

One last looke before we head down...

Another grotto downunder....

We saw something moving in this hole.....?

Mr. Mouse! (or Mrs.)

We make it over to the Roost

Nice view looking east

It must be lunch time?

Yuko wants some solitude?

Still Fall at the Roost


There's that "Kip" look!

There's that "David" look!

Kathy and Carol.....normal look!

Our leader looking for a way out of here!

TAKAHIK on Buzzard's Roost

Under the Mini-Natural Bridge

Holy Rock

Holy Rock from the side

The ground was covered with acorns

Going, going.......gone!

Exploring the caves downunder....

What is Tim shining his light on?

Ah, Mr. Bat! (or Mrs. Bat!)

So amazing downunder!

Time to head back up....

That would be us...!

Now for the 2-mile hike up and out.

Brittany is leading the pack

Looks like a "rusty" leaf?

Made it back.....vehicles still there.

Nice decal......

Do we go home now and watch the Razorbacks,
or hike more?  RAZORBACKS!

Map of Hike

One pooped dog.....and us too!

This is the road to get there.....