TAKAHIK River Valley Hikers
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Our float for the day.....

Arriving at Pruitt....

Shuttle is complete, time to float!



Should we stand up or sit down?

This would be the only time we were all together!

Not many rapids today....but nice!

You could float without paddleing, but .....

Floating along the bluffs were neat.....

Our first rope swing .......
Harrison would be the first in our group to do it!

It was hard to find a time to swing out...
too many boats!
Paula found a rock to jump off of....
I was thinking higher?
1, 2, 3....jump!
Would we see her again?
Some of Trustin's finds....

Maybe we could climb up there and jump?

David and Linda
(Neither one wanted to paddle?)

Our first "turn over".....didn't get there in time
for a photo opt!

Ah, the calm of the river today!

The banks were lined with tons of turtles.....

I think we have a swimmer!

We arrive at the Little Bluffalo....time to eat!

We set up our flag so the late comers would
know where to dock.

Ray and Trustin were the last to show up....
Chris, Paula and Lila.....not sure?

We found smoke...David found a fire!

Trustin and Ray

Folks across the way.....

That's Max in the river....

That's Max on the river bank....

Cindy getting wet....

Some of our crew.....

Time to head out....

....and there we go.

Cindy had just flipped her kayak on the
"calm" part of the river???

Something is following Danny?
A closer look......?
Alligator on the Buffalo.....!?
We finally got away from the Alligator....!
I think we have arrived at Hasty.
Now to unload and go find our truck?
(There is a story here)
We finally found Paula and Chris and Lila
was coming soon.
Ray loading his two canoes.....I am not following
him back to Russellville!
How to NOT have a great day on the Buffalo.
It was a great day on the Buffalo for us...
and the rewards were even better!!!!
Volcano Burger and fresh cut fries.....ahhhhhh!