TAKAHIK River Valley Hikers
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Arriving at the Buffalo River

A little water .........

Wait, we haven't taken a group picture...

A nice group of 41.....and a nice day to go for a hike!

How many times do we have to tell you...
NO DOGS on the BRT!
(But Bean is not a dog, he is one of US!)

Here we come, Steel Creek....

A beautiful day.

We were strung out everywhere.

....and had a few obstacles to cross over.

Our favorite walk through...

Our favorite walk through, with people!

OK, need to make room for the next group.

We meet a group of students from
Springdale.....we let them walk on the
outside next to the cliff.....we are so nice!

We are finally heading down......

....and down!

Couldn't see the Buffalo yet, this rock was
in the way.

The woods were beautiful.....!

Getting closer to our destination....

Made it out of the woods, after several got stung
by yellow jackets!  Not pretty!

Our first view of Roark Bluff....we would be up on
top after lunch, we hope!

Heading for the canoe launch and food!

This was part of my lunch....
paper thin seaweed....or so that is what
Chris said it was....tasted like fish?

There are usually  canoes coming through
here.....not today!

We would have to find a way across the Buffalo
and we did, on DRY land.

This was the DRY land!

It didn't take long to get to the top of
Roark Bluff.....not much room up there!

Look what was going on down below....

......a wedding....
We tried to get them to stop....didn't work!

A little scary up here!

Not everyone wanted in this picture....
they would have had to get behind our
banner...next to the bluff.

...and Chris was on the wrong bluff!

Lila and her new hiking stick...
wish I have one.  Oh I do!
(Made by Chris Harris' dad)

One last look at the new bride and groom.
I wonder if they know they are standing in water?

Time to go.....back down.

We made it....glad the river is low today.

No we are not tired...yet!

Off we go, back to Ponca.

We were just up there....I think I see someone
we left....nah!

I think we have some folks that need to catch up?

Bad mistake....stopping!

Back through the way through....

....and under the bridge...

...and we made it.