TAKAHIK River Valley Hikers
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BLUE HOLE 3/21/15 

Where we went today....

Arriving at Blue Hole Trailhead

Ready for todays adventure!

Arriving at campsite, now it is all downhill!

....but no bad....

A little late for Valentines, but hey!

OK.....notice the smooth crossing....

OK.....notice the "wet" Paula!

Help arrived....but not in the nick of time!

Mary was smart, she asked for help!

Our first waterfall...

...and David is ready.

...and John is ready, but not sure for what?

My shot of the falls

We would spend a little bit of time here...

...and act like tourist and take lots of pictures.

Getting close to Blue Hole

Ah, Blue Hole! But it looks green?

Making sure we are not lost

Kathy and Debbie
(Selfie time!)

The next waterfall up from Blue Hole

The Upper Blue Hole Cascade

Guess what Steve found?

Geocache GCGP2T

Checking to see what was in there...

Geocache coin....

We left a TAKAHIK Card and Steve
will be logging the find....

Paula and Cindy

I may have this backwards......
but I don't think so????
(Click on pic for bigger view)

Michael and David

Michael doesn't like folks watching him!

It was so nice we decided to go ahead and eat!

It is always nice when we get to eat!

We had time for a little yoga!!!!

One last move....

TAKAHIK at Upper Blue Hole Cascade

Upper Blue Hole Cascade
(Pic by David Berger)

....fun time over, time to start crossing creeks!

Kathy and Debbie go first....

....and the rest follow.

This time help was required.

This makes my tooth hurt for some reason.

Green Grotto Falls

Paula wanted to see what was around the
corner at Green Grotto Falls?

Nay, it was nothing!

But we appreciated her efforts.

It was now time to get out and UP!

Those are hikers way down there....

We all made it out and now down the road to
our last waterfall....Fiddlehead Falls.

Fiddlehead Falls
(Pic by David Berger)

Dave finds a place to warm his hands...
yeah sure, it was 70 degrees today!!!!

Patti enjoying the falls

Fiddlehead Falls
(Pic by David Berger)

It was a great day.....just don't ask Paula what we
were about to have to do......
On second thought....ask her!!!!!