TAKAHIK River Valley Hikers
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Phil decided he needed to get to the

.....so off he went....

Well, he tried......guess he will go with the rest
of us!

Alum Cove entrance

Our map of Alum Cove

Our gang.....

Linda Panique needed this man today....
wonder why?

Looks like our hike is starting out COLD!

The Natural Bridge

Such an amazing bridge

On top


This place is HUGH!

Looking north

Looking south

The reason they put benches out here...
to sit on!

They need to come up HERE!

The smaller arch rock (Natural Bridge)

More benches, more sitting...


Nice shelters....


Inside looking out

The roof has a leak or it's raining?

I don't know any Indians named Allen!

Checking out the "tall" carvings in
 this Beech Tree

It is all uphill coming out

Our next hike, just down the road.

Our map of The Glory Hole

Heading down the road to the trailhead.

Still a little cold, but the sun sure
was feeling good.

It was lunch time, so LUNCH on the rock.

Linda is sewing her car keys to her backpack!

The sun was sure messing up our pics today.

...but it wasn't messing up Chuck's eating!

Scattered eaters...

Top of The Glory Hole

The Arched Tree

Checking out the water below

Looking up....

Under The Hole

The glory of The Glory Hole



James has a "sun" problem today.


Max and Maurice


Heading back out along the creek.

I think someone said it was uphill getting out?

A few mud holes....

Such a beautiful day and it is 
 December 19th!

Nice to see our vehicles.

It will be "next year" before we hike again?
Jan. 1st Mt. Nebo....be there!