TAKAHIK River Valley Hikers
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Arriving at parking area

US at the beginning.....

Our first creek crossing, not too bad!

Up and across the field.....

.....and into the woods we go!

Happy Birthday Cindy....tomorrow!

Lower Big Creek Cave

Ed and Cindy

Yeah, we had a little ice!

Big Creek Cave Falls


Paula and Cindy are fixing to get wet!

Cindy chickens out!

Now it's Curtis' time....

Kay scooting down the hill!

I don't know about everyone else,
but KIP likes the water!

Now Curtis is trying from the other side????

Now, Cindy is trying from the other side.
Are they just trying to get wet?

Ed, can't believe what Cindy is doing, so he
has a snack.....and watches!

I think we have the whole bunch down there now?


Snack time....no one got wet.


This is KIP

This is WATER

This is ?

Time to cross some more creeks

This is the gate at Wolf Creek Falls
(Don't know how we are going to get through?)

Ah, now I know how!

This is Wolf Creek Falls (No water)

This is the sign at Wolf Creek Falls



Lila and Cindy
(Cindy is getting in a lot of pictures...
but it's her birthday....tomorrow!)



Mike (Where's Yuko?)

Now headed to Wolf Creek and
another creek crossing

....and another....

Kip is having a great day, and so is Tim.

Headed to the End!

A good place for lunch

This is our little buddy that
wanted to eat lunch with us!

US at the End.

Ed, Cindy, Kay, Curtis and Mike.

Now time to head back out.

Way to go Mike.

We make it out of the woods and
into the field.

Group Picture.....that is Paula taking a
picture of US.

Our last creek crossing, we hope!

We make it....

....and here come the last ones out.