TAKAHIK River Valley Hikers
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WINTER HOLLOW BUSHWHACK 1/18/14 (Pics by D. Hale, A. Moore, J. Pickett)

Someone just dropped us off on the hwy.
and left!

This was going to be the "easy" way....
we will see!

It is not starting off too well!!!!

....but at least we are going downhill.

If you go downhill, you know what that means?

Cabin Falls, but no water today.

Arriving at Maidenhair exit..

Abigail and Brittany

Several went to check out Maidenhair Falls

Maidenhair Falls

This is Lila Falls, but NO Lila!

Elizebeth finds a log to cross on!

We find a chair in the woods!

Takagnome decides to try it out!

Nice pool of water

Lunch time!

Just as we arrived at our lunch spot
we spooked up a wild boar!

Arky Falls and again NO water

Flint enjoying Four-Fingers Falls
(Of course he enjoyed the whole day!)

Four-Fingers Falls

Our first view of Winter Hollow Falls

Us at Winter Hollow Falls

Takagnome enjoying a rest and the view.

Jerry videoing the falls

Now up the hill we go....
Remember what happens when you go

Rodger and Eddie above Winter Hollow Falls

Elizebeth hanging from the grotto

Takagnome looking at Alan looking at Gap Falls

Gap Falls

Gap Falls (This was not a good "water" day)

Heading up and out

Playing "King on the Rock"

Arriving at our vehicles
We came out of the woods...one by one!
Hey.....it was a good hike!