TAKAHIK River Valley Hikers
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Found only one swan today.
It was way down the road from where the two
usually hang out.

Counted around 50 elk in this herd. 
There were elk scattered all the way to the
Boxley Trailhead

Arriving at Broadwater Hollow Tailhead

Buffalo National River Partners and TAKAHIK
(Bill and Gerry Hemmer were leading the BNRP
as far as Mud Cave.  We would head on down to
Thunder Canyon.)

Before we even get started we had water to cross.

Our first little waterfall

A nice rock opening to hike through.

Just above Paige Falls

Paige Falls in the bright sunshine.

Photo opt

This waterfall is coming out of a small hole

This is what is looks like from a distance

Devil's Cave

Devil's Cave
You would not want to fall in this hole!

Checking out the Sink Hole
(Amazing hole and deep!)

Sink Hole with water running deep inside of it.

Takagnome was a little nervous
standing up there!

A steep moss covered ridged rock

Heading on down to Cecil Creek

Primative Campsite, but pretty nice.

Looking across Bartlet Cove at a cave in the hillside

Cave opening across Bartlett Cove

Mrs. Hale

Our first official creek crossing...not bad!

Dave checking out Bartlet Cove as it
intersects Cecil Creek

This would be a great place for a campsite.

Ah, and here it is!
We thought we would enjoy it for awhile.

Brenda, Danny and Takagnome

David and Lila

Shawn and LaDona

Once we figured out where we were....
we would continue....

Time to leave and find Thunder Canyon Falls

We finally arrive at an actual trail...
but to avoid two more creek crossings we headed up
a hillside and bushwhacked over to the entrance to
Thunder Canyon.

It was obvious that spring was here.

Entrance to Thunder Canyon

This was not going to be easy, as we soon found out!

We would have to head up another steep hillside
on the south side to access the canyon.
It was rocky, steep and slick in places.

Finally, after many hand and knee scrambles,
we are getting close to the falls.

Brenda was glad to see some "flat" terrain!

Our first sighting of Thunder Canyon Falls,
way back in there!

When we got to the falls, there was a scout
troop there from Missouri.  We thought we
would be the only ones!

Thunder Canyon Falls was really
flowing today and getting to it was
very slick....ask some of the folks!

Thunder Canyon Falls

Takagnome enjoyed looking from a distance.

LaDona, after her slippery visit to the falls.

Time for lunch before heading back...

We would head up the hillside to get back...

We caught up with the scout group before
very long...

We took a different route back....
this time we crossed a few creeks.

When there are logs to cross, we crossed!

Lila was really wanting to jump in the water.

We stopped at Mud Cave on the way back out.

We looked but didn't touch!!!

Our last stop before heading UP and OUT!

By this time, Takagnome was getting hungry!
Ozark Cafe here we come.

Did I mention, UP hill?

One last creek to cross and OUT!

Can you guess where we are now?

Is that a Volcano Burger?
  We had a great day, perfect weather and the
rewards are worth it all!