TAKAHIK River Valley Hikers
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Arriving at the OHT Trailhead at Mile 96

It was a bit misty, so we got started quick!

Met two guys hiking the entire OHT

Making sure everyone was keeping up.....
sure wouldn't want to get lost on the OHT!

Wasn't long before we had hike a mile.

Beginning our access DOWN!

Down to Upper Bear Skull Falls

Upper Bear Skull  Falls
(Not much water today)

Looking down towards Bear Skull Falls

Our log walker....for today! Heidi

Still looking at Upper Bear Skull Falls

A few more pictures and then on down the trail.

Our first view of Bear Skull Falls

....our second view....

....our third view....

Not much water at Bear Skull Falls either....

(Maybe they are practicing for more singing?)

Finally made it to Slot Rock

Kip finding out the water is cold!

This is all Kip needs......she is soaking wet
and someone wants to take her picture!

So we make it to Slot Rock and it was
time for lunch.....and guess what?
It started to rain!!!!

Nothing better than eating standing up
in the rain!
And so this is what WET hikers look like....
We decided not to try and go to Sunset and
Discovery Falls......and headed back.
We soon realized why it was so easy coming in...
it was all uphill going out!
Can you guess who is in the log?
Could it be YUKO?
Mary thought this was a "breeze" hike,
compared to last week at Bear Creek.
This area was burned a few years ago, now
the pines are dying and falling!!!!
Made it back to our vehicles and guess what?
The rain has stopped, at least for a while.
We all make it out.
What is Heidi doing?
Picking up trash and smashing cans.
Way to go girl.
Looking at Ellen tells it all....
wet, cold, etc.!