TAKAHIK River Valley Hikers
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SAM'S THRONE (A new way) 11/1/14

This is how you do it.....
you dump the hikers on the side of the highway.....
and then leave!

Then you get their picture in the warm sunshine....

....and then you send them down a "steep" hillside!
(At least that's how WE do it)

We start at Deliverance and head into the
Valley of the Blind.

Emberly would keep us going most of our trek.

We found this skunk.....(dead!)

We think he fell from way up there?

Getting ready for another group picture....

US at the Dome Rock at Valley of the Blind

This is Cheyenne at age 14.....

This is Cheyenne at age 7.....
She has that climbing spirit!

I would not want to be standing here
 when that rock falls!

Inside one of the cave shelters

Outside one of the cave shelters

This is someone's favorite climbing rocks.

Those folks need to catch up!

A few steep hills to climb!

Dare we check it out?

Another cave shelter

We go UP and then we go DOWN!

Our first ice cycle of the year.

Go Emberly!

Someone has built a fortress in this grotto.

We made it to the road...time for a snack.

We found some "ancient pictographs"?

We are now accessing to the top of Sam's Throne

No problem for Emberly.


Chris giving instructions to Linda

One last pull and she's UP!

The sun felt good on the "Throne".


Now back DOWN.
Melissa goes first.

Emberly and Cheyenne

There goes Robyn

Hope Linda is not thinking about jumping?
(It would be quicker!)

Ellen makes it without the rope.

That deserves a swing!

Cave near the Chickenhead Wall Access

Cheyenne teaching Emberly to climb.
(Sisters alike)

Heading out

We got to watch some climbing
instructors. Neat!

There were once again smiling faces...

Last one out....

It was a good day....temperature was
31 degrees when we started.....
the sun felt good....it was just All Good!