TAKAHIK River Valley Hikers
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ROUND TOP 3/8/14 (Pics by B. Hemmer, T. McCord, C. Wewers, T. Young, M. Dikeman)

Round Top Scenic Trail


Trustin one of our official
photographers for the day

Sisco was the first one to get his backpack on

Ready to tackle the mountain

Mike's path for the day

Up the steps first thing

Someone left their dishes out

Crash site 1949

Too bad someone had to steal the
airplane engine!!!

....and on and around we go.

Sisco got a lot of attention today

Someone found the "crack"

Sisco loved the snow

Now up more steps to the top

Takagnome had not been this high before...

Arriving on the north end on top

The three entertainers for the day

Cindy and Patti

Sisco gets to carry more than his load

This bench is actually on the south end of the mt.

Nice view of the valley below

Newton County Fairgrounds
Our leader way down there