TAKAHIK River Valley Hikers
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ROCK CREEK BUSHWHACK 1/4/14 (Pics by D. Hale, R. Allen, J. Bratton)

Arriving at Rock Creek

Time to load up on bananas

20 Takahikers ready to go

Crossing Rock Creek

Takagnome and his new buddy

Elevation 1000 at the first shelter

Our search for a way to get to the upper bluffs

We found a way up
but decided to search elsewhere

Someone left their climbing rope?
We also decided not to go up this way either!

Takagnome at Rock Creek Bluff Falls

Some nice rock features

That rock looks like it could be climbed?

I spoke to quick!

They made it to the top.....

Our two rock climbers
Elizebeth and Heidi



More rock climbers

....and now we have tree climbers!

Bob thinks he found a way to the top?
Ah, yes. But it was pretty steep....
....so when we got to the top,
it was time for lunch!
Heidi sharing her lunch
There is no way to get on top of that!
Wanna bet?
They did!
The Potbelly
(Named by John Moore)
Don't do it !!!!!
Yuko in a Bear Crack
Going through the Double Bear Crack
If you make it through the Bear Crack,
you smile!
Adam at the Watchtower
(Named by John Moore)
Rock Creek Pillar
(Named by John Moore)
Us in the background.
Large boulder at the east end
of the mountain
This boulder didn't quite make
it to the ground!
Thanks for holding the boulder up
as we pass through!
Now time to head down and back
We found the 4-Wheeler Trail
....and we found Rock Creek

We would scramble up the creek.
This is why they call it "Rock Creek"!
Something pretty creepy!
(Notice the eye looking from inside this tree)
For Jerry and Elizebeth
Yes the water is frozen solid....
looks solid......
When it cracks, it is time to exit!

The Holy Rock

Takagnome was glad to get back,
even though he rode most of the way!

We had a lot of fun, did a lot of climbing, found
a lot of neat things.
We will return again and continue our
And believe me, there are plenty more!

Car Wash Falls (Frozen)

I am guessing they have a sunroof?

Crossing Hurricane Creek