TAKAHIK River Valley Hikers
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Arriving at the base of Owens Mt.

Ready to do some exploring

After climbing the first steep hill we make it
to the bottom of Owens bluffs

Our first warning of the day:
Do not dig, remove, injure or destroy any historic
of prehistoric objects, ruins or sites.
Violators subject to arrest, a maximum fine
of $20,000, and or imprisonment.

(Now $10,000 we might afford, but not "$20,000"!)

Faint pictograph on bluff

We understand that the Forest Service
puts locks on bolt hangers near any
historic objects, so climbers will not climb
near that area???? Not sure about this?

Since our last visit (3/13) the bluffs were full
of bolt hangers, chains and carabineers.
It was unreal how many.....
this must be a popular place once again?

Exploring the walls and the floors

This is where you will always find Chris

We found someone's fireplace...
we only needed a fire!

A walled canyon before heading up
on top of Owens Mt.

Rock cairns showing the trail off the

Kip made it to the top and was ready to get going...

Wonder what they are looking at?

Ah, Kip in one of her training sessions.

Bluff lichen....

Along the edge......

Some places on top were a bit "thick"!

Guess what this hole is for?

It is the entrance to this Bear Crack
(You can get down off the mountain top here)

A very deep and smooth crack...

Chris heading down the Bear Crack

Bill at the top entrance

Bill coming down the Bear Crack

Paula exploring the Bear Crack....
not something you do everyday!!!!

Most of the morning views were like this....

Getting off the mountain at the north end

We did it as graceful as possible!

Eddie makes it look easy!

It was good to have James with us...
he just retired and needed something
to do.....he might be back if he can't go fishing!

Exploring the cracks and crevices of Owens Rock

Room inside Owens Rock

Our new friends, Carl and Mike from LR
(We know they were in the movie
 "Secondhand Lions")

TAKAHIK in behind Owens Rock
(A neat little climbing area)


Eddie doing some more exploring

Not sure what is up there...
but we have some folks that will find
out for us.....

...and that would be,
David, Chris and Paula!

....and that's Chris up there!

....and that's Paula up there!

...and that's David up there....somewhere?

Hiking back along the base of the bluffs

We are up here and Paula is down there?
How did that happen?

We are now desending down from the mountain.
Not pretty!!!!

We now head for Ricketts Mountain

.....and LUNCH!

This is where you access the top of our
eating place at Ricketts Mt.

This is the guy were are suppose to
be following?

Group Shot.....kind of?

Another Bear Crack

FINALLY!!! Lunch.


Linda and James

Someone needs to mow the grass!

Tim teasing Kip

Carl handing out treats

Lila spent her graduation day hiking with us.
But she got to shake hands with the brother of the
President of UCA.....our own John Courtway!
Gratulations Lila...another degree from UCA!

After lunch, a quick exit down
"The Slide" and then we would soon be
off to our hike.

Some are more graceful than others!

Here we go again....Chris


and Paula

Kip is ready for the nonsense to stop
and go hiking!!!!

Finally heading out.

This hike was not as easy as Owens Mt.

It wasn't long before we found our way
to the top of Ricketts Mt.

It was steep and wet and slick!!!

Once you get to the top of the climb...
it is time for a little breather!!!

There were a few obstacles in the way

Mary makes one last grab and she's up!

The only problem that Kip had was
people getting in her way!

Paula was a muddy mess by days end!

Level ground is NICE!

Another one of Davids famous
facial expressions!

We made it to Ricketts Cem. Road

It was level ground, we had caught our breath,
we could talk to each other once again!!!

We found a nice little grotto along the way ....

.... so we took a group picture

We made it back to our vehicles

What was that in the distance?

Ah, some more of those "Sponge Bob"
hikers or something?

You know Kid didn't care....she was tired and
ready to go home!  So we did....