TAKAHIK River Valley Hikers
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Arriving on top of Mt. Nebo

Maria is ready for something....
just not sure what?

Our campsite is setup....ready to go!

Getting ready for our group shot....

Got it...... 51 in our final count.

And away we go....
disturbing every camper on the mountain!

Yep, the right trail.

This could not be pretty?

Most grownups don't remember to do this...
tie your shoes!

Making it down our first incline.

Our first "wild animal" encounter.

Kaiden and Trustin

These boys would do a lot of exploring.

Our first "catch up" spot.

Alan and Cheyenne

Our leader.....sort of?

Strenuous, easy or moderate?

Another "catch up" spot.

Emberly and Rebecca

It was time for these girls to take the lead.

That's a lot of folks.

Made it to Sunset Point

Philip doing a little videoing...

Hi Carol.

Most of us at Sunset Point

James and Danny

This is where I lost my leadership....
they smelled the food and were gone!

ANO in the distance

Another downhill incline...

Now Tonya knows how to have a picnic!

Must be the right place

Hope we are not too late

This might become our new mascot?

Nanette and Terrence back from their world travels

Brett Roberts doing an interview after our hike...

She didn't have much to work with either....
hope she does a lot of editing!

Some folks didn't get enough hiking...
so they hiked the Bench Trail also!
  It was a perfect day for hiking on the mountain
today. The temperature started out at 42 degrees
 but by the time we finished it was in the 60's. The
sun was shinning and it felt good.  It was a good
 way to start our 17th season. We had a final count
 of 51 and several new folks.

Ah, hiking in Arkansas is great!