TAKAHIK River Valley Hikers
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At Mt. Magazine Visitor Center

We would do the North Rim Trail first

....and cross a few creeks



Kaiden and Kathie

Maria still smiling......so far!

Jill, Leyla, Pam, Helen, Jay and Allie

One of many vistas along the way

Maria still smiling.....

Pam (from the front)

Nice move Kathie


Pam (from the back)


Danny doing a little bushwhacking!!!

Orvalene doing some climbing

LaDona, Shawn and Chuck

Now what????

James and Chuck fixing to get run over!

Highpoint or Lodge???

I guess it was Highpoint.

Takagnome's feet at Elevation 2753.
Takagnome's head at Elevation 2753.5.

Nice mail box

....and nice sign...

US at Signal Hill

I believe Kaiden was higher than anyone....

Chuck thought he was the "highest".

Signing in....

Nope, I think Kaiden is even higher still...

Danny and Brenda

Takagnome in his new found shelter.

OK, enough rest...it is time to go...
(Maria is not smiling?)


Time for lunch

One of our favorite spots

Takagnome found some bears in the Bear Den

Did I mention, Ahhhhhhhhh?


I believe Kaiden is pooped?

Maria is still not smiling, but she will be soon!

Secret photo shots!!!!

The food has arrived and all of a sudden....
it got silent!

Chuck carried both of these all the way back to
the Visitor Center and did not get attacked!
(But we thought about it!)

Time to head back...it would be hard on a
full stomach.

This is the trail we would take back

Our favorite photo spot....

Another year and this guy will be hidden!

One more hill and we are out of here!

What a mom!

Orvalene blew her boots out!!!
Time for new ones.

Made it back and sitting sure felt good!

I hope the cougar doesn't see Takagnome.

...nor the bear!