TAKAHIK River Valley Hikers
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  This was not a good picture day....too much sun! 
Hoping some of the others got some good pictures.

Parking at the north end of the wilderness

Ready for an adventure

Heading for the top of the mountain

First intersection

One of several rock walls we saw

Dry Upland Swamp

Up above the Sandstone Castles

Heading down into The Arch Rock area

The Arch Rock

Inside one of the many cave shelters

The Pedestal

Takagnome likes being out of the sun

Someone left their lighter
No climbing for Takagnome
Kirk way on top
Rishubh and Amelia try their climbing skills
We found a geocache in the Sandstone Castle
We found Takagnome a buddy in the geocache
Amelia signs in for us
Lunch in the castle
Some ate outside
A nice family outing
Inside the Sandstone Castle
We made it to the Arch Rock, The Pedestal and
on around to the Sandstone Castle which most
never find, but we did.
Rodger waiting for the others to make their
way down through the briars and thicket on
our way to the millstone location.
This was NOT easy!
Arriving at Millstone Falls
This is where we would search for the
millstones.....with not luck?

The pool was clear enough to see the bottom

We searched the hillsides

Our underwater camera revealed no stones

Takagnome marks the spot where one
millstone used to be located.
These are the millstones we were looking for.
This is the location the other millstone found
back in Feb. 2012.
After spending time searching the bottom
of the creek and the surrounding hillside,
we gave up....no millstones.

We will do more investigation and hopefully
find out where the millstones went??????
Making our way back up on the trail on the
west side of Big Devils Fork Creek and
heading to Hill Cemetery.
Made it!
We sent Rishubh and Kyle up the
road to get a couple of our vehicles....
We would rest a bit and head on up Hill Cemetery
Road and catch our rides.
OK, rest is over....
We make it up Hill Cemetery Road and
we see one vehicle
We saved about a mile of uphill hiking...
thanks to Rishubh and Kyle.
We were pooped!!!!!