TAKAHIK River Valley Hikers
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First things first!

Where we are standing was "slick:!

30-Ready for an adventure....

At the trailhead

Heading down to the bottom

Still snow from weeks ago

Our first view of Lower Longpool Falls

Hoping Linda does not take a step backwards!

Takagnome on his throne

Hanging around the camp

Tikka on his throne

...and James on his throne


Now we begin more uphill hiking

Almost to the top

...well almost!

Paul and Elizebeth already climbing rocks

Is there no stopping Elizebeth?

Takagnome watching

Coming out the second extrance of the cave

Paul and Tikka

Un-named waterfall

I think we can get through this?

Upper-upper Longpool Falls

It was time for lunch and REST!

Nice view for Takagnome

So far all we have done is "Uphill"!

Someone's tree stand

Nice rock wall

Back at the parking area

I think someone needs new boots...
namely Georganne.  Birthday this week!!!!

We had time so we stopped for another

Rough Hollow Falls

There goes Elizebeth up a tree.

Selfy of Chuck and me.


Lots of water today

Could not believe after a rough week,
it was 50 degrees today and the sun
was shinning.