TAKAHIK River Valley Hikers
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Arriving at Illinois Bayou Park

This looks like a girl that
just ate a bunch of pancakes?

Kassity on TV

Trustin on TV

Kaiden on TV

Crossing the wood bridge

Whenever we stop....someone
is always up a tree!! Wonder Who?

We found a bird nest....

....and a birdhouse

....and several caterpillars...

Not sure how this turtle got up this tree.....

....so we thought we better document it.

Love this tree...

US at the tree...and UP the tree!

Come on....

Mary Ann....

... you can make it?

Time for a drink...

....and a little more discovering.

...and we make it back to the POB.

Hopefully no one will get wet on this trip?

Our hike leader.

Kassity, Tristin and Kaiden

Kaiden and Brenda

Cindy and Kassity

Heading back...

We ended up hiking 5-miles of the 8.7 miles of trails.
It was plenty and we still had time to enjoy the rest
of the day.  Hope to see everyone next season.