TAKAHIK River Valley Hikers
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Arriving at Boxley Trailhead

Buffalo River Trail (We will not be doing this)

US at Boxley

Heading to Hedges Homestead

We will turn uphill.......now!

Whiteley Cemetery

After visiting the cemetery it was all  uphill!

Actually going up a horse trail

The Old Whitely Schoolhouse foundation


Once we got to the old schoolhouse it was
pretty much downhill all the way
 to the Buffalo River

Another old house foundation

We found a black and white TV

Looks to  be an old cellar?

Around the bend to Hedges house we go...

Catching up....

A neat birdhouse

Ray checking out one of the fireplaces

This fireplace was in the living room area

This one seemed to be in the kitchen area?

Ah, heat and air!
(There are more pictures, etc. on our web site from
previous visits and on Trails and Waterfalls)

Lots of wagon wheels lying around

Now on down to the river

The old Edgmon Barn

It probably won't last many more years?

A perfect place for lunch

Hard to believe it is Nov. 29th
and it is close to 70°

Inside the old barn

The Pickle Hole
Named for W.P. "Pickle" Edgmon
(aka The Hedges Hole)

Those girls!!!!!

Now to head down the side of the Buffalo

It was a pretty good task to get back....

There wasn't much room between the river and the
steep bank.....it was slick too!

We decided to not cross the river, so we had to
make our way the best we could.
(It was pretty!!!!)

You can see our task.....for the day!

Gloria putting her boots back on....
her watershoes were not getting any use today!

Resting and waiting for the rest....

Cindy and Barton

You would be amazed how good Maria did today.
Way to go girl.

More "tasking"!

Gaging Station for the Buffalo River
(Not sure why it is way out here?)

River pretty low today.

Lila and Linda, sitting on a log....

We made it to the field and it was FLAT!!!!

Heading north across the field and hopefully
to our vehicles.

It is possible that Max may get lost in there?

Watershoes? Nay!

Having fun on the haystacks

Now we are serious!

Well not all of us were serious....
Lila's impression of an elk!
(By the way, it was the only one we saw)

When we are not in the woods we tend to
get disoriented and even lost?

Fossils at the quarry....they were everywhere
and on just about every rock we picked up.

Ray on top of the quarry inviting the
rest of us to come and join him....
sure we did!!!!


Drinking at the Whitely-Edgmon Spring

Arriving back at the trailhead

This is where we went today....
and what a fine day it was for all.