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HAWKSBILL CRAG / WHITAKER CREEK 3/29/14 (Pics by D. Hale, A. Moore, K. Lowe, K. Coleman)

Arriving at Hawksbill Crag Trailhead

Starting out all together

Guess who we met on the way in?
Kat, Liz and Melissa (Nice shirts)

Heading for Hawksbill Crag

Group #1 on the Crag

Kathie and Kaiden

Mary G.


Donita and Baxter

Haley Falls
(This is where Group #2 headed down
into Whitaker Creek)

We said bye to Ray Hanley and Group #1

On top of Lower Haley Falls and heading down

Lower Haley Falls

The first part was steep......
well, a lot of it was STEEP!

Making it down to the
Lower Fork of Whitaker Creek

Aleady time to shead some clothes.

On down to Whitaker Creek
(It would take awhile to get there)

We found a roll of fence in the middle
of nowhere???

Believe it or not, we found another roll of fence!

I hope Kathy does not see the log....!!!

Nobody on the log yet?

Whoops too late....Kathy saw it!

Now more!

Now look what we started!

 Whitaker Creek

Rock on rock.
It looks like something else? But it is black rock!

We had a few tight squeezes

Hawksbill Crag way up through the trees

We finally got someone's attention on the crag.
We hollered and later they begin to wave.

This waterfall is the results of a recent
rock slide just east of Hawksbill Crag.

The rock slide exposed some neat fossils

Ray and Danny exploring at the waterfall

We were beginning to hear the Buffalo River

One of the several homesites

...and now a favorite campsite

Ray finds a jar of something?

1 PM and we make it to the Buffalo River

Lunch time!

Takagnome was ready for lunch also!

It was now time for our 700' climb out

Another homesite

This is steeper than it looks....really!

We would do this several times on our way UP!

Almost to the ladder.

We found the ladder, yea!

One final rest before heading to the crag.

Last but not least.

Now that everyone has made it up the ladder,
it was time to go.....

We found the trail....a REAL TRAIL!

Tim's sign.....

The girls tree

Takagnome makes it to the crag

....and Kathy needed a back rub!



We almost lost one....but we got to her in time.

We arrived at the crag around 3 PM.

It felt good to be back.

Lila does have a story about this?

The Good Sign.....DONE!

Now time for our reward.

Volcano Burger

Group #2: We had a great time, hiked 7-miles.
Down Lower Fork of the Whitaker Creek to
Whitaker Creek and on to the Buffalo River.
Then up the Ladder Trail and along the bluffs to
Hawksbill Crag and on out to our vehicles.