TAKAHIK River Valley Hikers
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Arriving at our parking spot

Ready to tackle Graves Creek

Our first sighting of Graves Creek

....and our first time to cross
(There would be many more!)

Takagnome had never seen ice before

It was cold on his feet!

We never expected to see so much ice!

Steve looking down on Graves Creek

Our first waterfall




Our next waterfall

Patti, Cindy and Yuko

This is actually Forever Falls

Heading down into Graves Creek

Mike and Yuko at Forever Falls

Graves Creek from up high

Heading up and over to Graves Canyon Falls

A nice frozen side waterfall

Flint doing some exploring on his own

This is where we begin several creek crossings

No problem....

No problem....

No problem....

"Houston, I think we have a problem"

Surely that is not Mary Ann?

Yes, I believe it is !!!!!

Flint and Becky hearing a strange bird sound!

Getting closer to Graves Canyon Falls

There it is in the distances
(Graves Canyon Falls)

But first, we have to find a way to get there

Ah, we spot our famous tree...

Bill trys it out

...and of course others have to follow

Patti, Tammie and Cindy
take their turn.

Graves Canyon Falls on the left

We decide to go on top and eat lunch

Takagnome is ready!

Waving to Ray below


Our lunch spot above
Graves Canyon Falls

This is the second Graves Canyon Falls
from up above

Now back down to Graves Creek


Takagnome looking back at
Graves Canyon Falls

Several headed below the falls
for a photo opt

That's some tall ice

James and Kathy on Flatrock


Cathedral Falls

"Frozen in Time" Falls

A view of both....

Cathedral Falls Gang
"Frozen in Time" Falls Gang
Now for another crossing
No problems this time (well maybe one or two)
Primative campgrounds in the middle of
nowhere with some hidden secrets.
Our last waterfall
Time to rest before our grand hike out!!!
A mile straight up and out
We all made it out.....
a beautiful day and a beautiful place, indeed!