TAKAHIK River Valley Hikers
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Arriving at Dismal Hollow Trailhead

Heading down into Dismal Hollow

Made it to the creek...not an easy trek!

Still ice in the valley

More ice hanging

Chris has gotten himself in a pickle?

Maybe he can squeeze through there?

Nice waterfall but no water today

Next we would head to the top of the bluffs

On top, now what?

Our view of the other side bluffs


Survey Monument in the middle of nowhere


Honey Tree or trapped coon?

Another view across the way

Time for our first lunch break

Takagnome was getting hungry

Mother, daughter, so sweet.
Like the shirts.

First time I have seen Bill "laugh" all day.

Flint has spotted something?

Arriving at the bottom of the Bear Crack

Rodger heads up first

Yukowaits her turn

Before long, everyone arrives on top
It was a tight squeeze!

On top of the Bear Crack

US on Top of the BEAR CRACK

Time to head out

Didn't see any wild hogs today, but did find
this rock wall???? In the middle of nowhere!

Exploring the bottom of the bluffs

Found several waterfalls along the way

Who are those folks way down there?

Quite a wicked tree?

Found part of a dutch oven?

There were so many grottos we lost count

Time to rest a bit and re-coop some
of our entergy!

One big mighty rock

The mighty rock

Our first rock shelter....
pretty nice inside....

It has two entrances

...and another shelter just down the bluff line

Bill explaining the rock formations

We might have gas out here?

This is one of the largest grotto/shelters
I believe I have ever seen.

It was hugh!

Brittany was quite a trooper today.
(Amazing little girl)

Black mineral deposits on the side of
this bluff.

Cindy jumping on Chris's back?

Time to take another break before
we head up our last hill.....

Angela, put your tongue back in your mouth!

Too tired to take any pictures on our way up
the steep hill until we got to the road.

Come on Brittany and Angela, you can make it?

Ah, a road! No more briars and downed trees,
just flat and smooth all the way to our vehicles.

It was a good day, amazing place.
Dismal Hollow, hope to see you again.  But
not anytime soon!!!!!