TAKAHIK River Valley Hikers
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Arriving at the Devils Canyon

There were several vistas along the way....

Mark checking out where we are going....

Our group on one of the vistas

Looking west at the coming storm!

Little Devils Canyon Falls

We would head over to the next waterfall

This is the way down

If anyone is allergic to poison ivy....too bad!!!

Top of Devils Canyon Falls

Devils Canyon Falls

Alan and Eddie

Kevin climbing up and...

....and heading down to the bottom...

...and having lunch in the grotto.

Looking for a way down?

And we found one, straight down!

It wasn't for the faint of heart!

But we all made it....

...and enjoyed the cool water?
LaDona was really not getting wet.

Devils Canyon Falls

Thanks to Eddie's rope, we got down.

Someone had left two chairs and a few supplies
in our lunch grotto!

It was a nice lunch spot.

We made Eddie eat his sardines outside!!!

We also found two bullets in the grotto??
Very strange?

This is the other things we found?

It was time to go and head on down the creek.

Best to come here during leaf off!

Above the slot falls

Below the slot falls

It was a jungle out there

A nice Iris

We would do this a lot!

Lila doing her favorite thing.

Another un-named waterfall

Rest time

Again, Lila doing her favorite thing.

Back at Little Devils Canyon Falls

Heading back....

It was a great day and a jungle of a hike!