TAKAHIK River Valley Hikers
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This is how we start our hike.....

Heading down the road to
Cave Creek Bluffs

We start where we end!
Figure that out!

If we could have found the key....this would be
our way out?

Takagnome finds our first vista

We are in for a treat today, maybe?

We made Heida get down, for safety reasons.

Can you find Takagnome?

So many vistas

Orvalene taking a peek!
It was a long way down....and we would soon
be down there!

Looking back at whence we were!

I am not sure we can get down here!

We had trouble keeping up with her!


Eddie and Alan

John and Heidi

Evidence of rock climbers

The possibility of rain and being a "difficult" hike,
we are guessing, kept most folks at home today?

Takagnome was not scarred!

Cactus, way out here!

We found a way down, so here we go!

Maybe this was not a good idea?

Orvalene finds a bear cave on the way down.

No, this was NOT a good idea.

The problem was that we had to go down to
get out of the briars, etc. and then we had to
go back up!

We made it back up to the bottom of the bluffs.

We took a short lunch break.......and then headed
out again.  We still had a long way to go.

Some of the amazing bluffs

I think John was looking for a way OUT!

Approaching a very tall waterfall.

And guess who decided to take
a soak?

This one needs to be in Tim Ernst's
Waterfall Book!

John found a full bottle of beer....way out here!
Avery Brewing Co., Boulder, CO

Some neat rock lichen

...and some neat rock formations.

Heidi found a "?" pelvic bone!

Waterfall Cave

We found the petrified foot print we found on
out last visit.

Eddie doing some exploring.

Heidi taking the easy way down!

Exploring one of many shelters

Takagnome liked this shelter

Entrance of another shelter....

...this one also had a hidden room inside.

Someone's rock oven!

If only we had a pizza!

This has been our lunch spot on other trips.
Waterfall Grotto

More exploring....

Another rock shelter entrance....

...and yet another shelter.

Inside looking out.

We thought we were the only ones
out here today, but we ran across
these climbers.

A very low and very small waterfall
at the base of the bluff.
Quite a bit of water coming out!

Ah, we found our way out!

This is a lot like Sam's Throne,
but much steeper.

Orvalene makes it!  YEA!

Last but not least....Eddie.

Even Takagnome used the rope!

That was a very steep climb out...
just ask Orvalene.

If I am not wrong....this is the same way John
started his hike?

We had a great day in the woods.  Perfect weather after all.
Cave Creek Bluffs area is an amazing place....we found that out today!