TAKAHIK River Valley Hikers
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We first stop at the Big Piney Overlook

Overlook Big Piney and The Dover Lights

Arriving at Buzzard Roost Parking Area

The girls head out first, but I don't
think it is to hike!

Heading down the road

Almost there....

Takagnome is the first one
on the Natural Bridge

Mary had to get closer for a good picture

One lone tree

We would do a little exploring on the bridge

Kaiden brought his rain cover...
but there was NO rain today!

This marks the way to the Roost

First down and around the Little Arch


Takagnome felt like he was
out on a limb!


I believe there is something
back in there?

I hope Kaiden doesn't get
stuck in there!

Exploring one of the caves


Still exploring

Our cave people!

I sure hope that rock doesn't slip!

I had to go check and see what
was going on in there.....don't go in!!!!

Made in on top of the Roost...
now time for lunch!

Linda got the best spot!

Takagnome found his spot

Ah, a buzzard!

I don't think anyone was ready to leave.
And did I mention, NO rain!

Time to head back.....more to do.

There were ATV's everywhere today.

This is what ATV's do....

Made it back and it was only 1 PM

Is that a "buzzard" in the tree?
Or maybe Kaiden?

We headed over to Pam's Grotto and
had to check out Haw Creek first.

The climbing area

Yeah, it's uphill to Pam's Grotto

This is the best way to get down to
Pam's Grotto

Pam's Grotto Falls

Shortcut back out

Our new friend Kevin

Way to go Maria, you made it!

It was a fine day.....perfect hike...perfect weather.
Did I mention NO rain?