TAKAHIK River Valley Hikers
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Arriving in the fog...

A bit wet....

Get ready....

The Bear Creek Bushwhack Gang

....and off we go!

It wasn't long before it was downhill...

....and not long before it was slick.

A nice tree taken over by fungi

Michael getting ready to shot

Our first waterfall....Baby Bear Falls

David getting set up for a few shots

Baby Bear Falls by David Berger

Trustin where he likes to be found

Heidi and John

Some of these crossing were not easy!

Chris on top trying to push the rock over!
Oh, My!

Looking back at Baby Bear Falls

I wonder if this coffee company is still in business?
Bet not!

Arriving at Sidewinder Falls

Sidewinder Falls with Swamp Falls
in the background

Ray and Trustin at Sidewinder Falls

Ray and Trustin going down into
Sidewinder Falls....we quit looking!

Now for the hillside slide!!! And we DID!

Arriving at V Slot Falls

V Slot Falls

David getting pretty close to the edge to
get a good shot of V Slot

V Slot Falls by David Berger

A good place for lunch...sort of?


Of course, any place is a good place for lunch.

And of course Ray and Trustin exploring
down below Slot Pool Falls


So now.....remember the steep climb down into
Bear Creek? Well it is time to head back up.
This will not be pretty!!!!

So instead of heading back out the way we came
in, we decided to take a "shortcut" back!

There was a place of two that was level....

...but most was steep and rocky.

Lynn leads us Up and Up and hopefully Out?

We found a waterfall on our way out.

Flint took a million steps and was still readly to go!

I hope Robyn is not riding home in my truck...
I wonder if she knows she has been sitting in MUD?
Or was that from the many slides she went down?

We finally made it to the Forest Service Road...
I think Becky is tired? What do you think?


Some of the last ones up the hillside....

Flint made it and wasn't even breathing hard.

Heidi made it and wasn't even tired?

A little rest before heading out...
this time down a level road to our vehicles.

Eddie and Glen

Mary is smiling....that is a GOOD thing!

A few mud holes

We made it....!!!!

It was a good day to be in the woods.  In spite of
the moderate to difficult bushwhack into
Bear Creek.  We saw some neat waterfalls, slid
down the hillsides and even sang Christmas songs.
You just had to be there.

This is where we went today...