TAKAHIK River Valley Hikers
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We're ready.....

Takagnome is ready.....

Our vehicles are ready.....

The park is full of signs!

Heading up to the top!

A photo opp along the way.

Brittany is wondering why
it is taking us so long!

It's because we are "old" or should
I say "older"?

Tikki not having any problems at all.....
of course he hikes all the "Big" trails
across the county! 

Someone tell us where the trail is!

I suppose when you see this,
you are close to the top? Well at least half way.

Almost there!

On top and time to rest

A few loose rocks on top!

Us on Top!

Just a few shots of our views on top.

Brittany and Angela

Brittany enjoying the view

Brittany says "peace of cake"!

We went up and over that mountain!

Brittany sitting with Takagnome
while he takes a rest.