TAKAHIK River Valley Hikers
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Arriving at Lake Sylvia Trailhead
Heading for the OT (Ouachita Trail)
A very hard to read OT sign
Blue for the OT, Yellow for Lake Sylvia Trail
Fungi galore!
Takagnome waiting on the rest to catch up
James claims he was framed....
but we know for sure he was guilty!
Takagnome above Lake Sylvia
Just above Lake Sylvia Dam
Tiffany and Drew
Heading down and out of the wind for lunch
Lake Sylvia Dam
Danny and Brenda
A cave at the Dam
Getting a closer look at the Dam
Heading back to our vehicles.
Back at the trailhead
Now heading over to Flatside Wilderness...
...and Flatside Pinnacle
Heading up to the Pinnacle
Looking south
Looking west
Looking northwest
On top of Flatside Pinnacle
Enjoying the views in all directions
One last look before we head down
Takagnome will be spending the next two
weeks with Lila...be sure to check out her hikes
on Nov. 30th and Dec. 7th.