TAKAHIK River Valley Hikers
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Winter Hollow Trailhead (on Hwy. 7)


We would enjoy the downhill part!

There was still a little water even if we had no rain this week!


On our way down and over to Gap Falls



Gap Falls


At Gap Falls resting!



This tree points to something????



Us at Winter Hollow Falls and lunch



The next half mile would be back and forward across the creek and up and down the hills....



Four Finger Falls



Arky Falls

Charlie with a rock of Arkansas found at Arky Falls

A rock of Arkansas so we named the falls Arky Falls!

There was another larger falls above Arky Falls...dry today!




Lila Falls



It was 80° today so Lila took a dip.....



Twin Cascades

This was our exit out of the hollow...it was hot, we were thirsty, you guess the rest!