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STACK ROCK 1/14/12

Arriving at the new Stack Rock Trailhead and parking area

Heading up the old road to Stack Rock

Us at the base of Stack Rock


Steve getting ready for our hike around the mountain..barefoot!


You know you found the way up to the top once you find this monument. There are actually steps to the top now!



Yuko, with attitude!

Hopping the Bear Crack to the North end on top

We usually have lunch at this spot, but the wind was blowing pretty good and its was a bit cold!


Looking over at Stack Rock from on top of Stack Rock  Mt.


If  Tina and Lila only knew where they were actually standing, they wouldn't have had to fake this!

Nice jump across the Bear Crack

Bob, taking the view in

"B" makes a nice pillow.

Max takes a nap while we eat lunch.

Good food, good conversation

Terry looking for the tombstone

19 of us spent time combing the "entire" top of Stack Rock and did not find

"B" getting his belly rubbed!  Dogs are so lucky!


Effie Eveleigh's tombstone. Anyone got any clues?

See Below.....We found it on another trip!


John was in big trouble...his legs were ripped to shreds and the expression on his face told the rest of the story.....I told him not to go searching...but did he listen? (Click on picture)


Thanks Heidi

Look what we found.....

....a giant fossil seashell

We were now down from the top and heading on around Stack Rock Mt.



This is Stack Rock from down below

We found ice on the north side

Steve walking on ice...and did I mention barefoot?

We had to be careful of the higher ice sickles...some were falling!

Ice Sculptures

Steve and "B" enjoying the sun


I finally got a waterfall to stop in motion!



Another frozen waterfall

We made it around the mountain and heading home

Let's don't forget Lisa...hey we are down here!


Back to the trailhead.  It was another good day to be outside.


Location: 35°52.989, 92°54.699


Chuck, Tony and I revisited Stack Rock on 1/21/12 and were bound and determined to fine the gravesite after getting a little more information from Eddie Vollman.