TAKAHIK River Valley Hikers
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Arriving at FR 93179A

Now it would be downhill for a little while...quite a while to be exact!

Some nice tree fungi

and out across a food plot


....and some more.

Still heading downhill, but along a drainage


Our first fairly large waterfall

Looking upstream at WF #4

Waterfall #2

Waterfall #4


Getting a closer look at the drainage

We had to get a little higher, so this is several side drainage falls

Waterfall #4


Group Picture

Our first look at Sidewinder Falls and Swamp Falls in the background

Getting ready for our group picture!


We would now head up steam and check out a few other falls

Time for  a little photo op!


Out first sighting of Waterfall #5

Looking down on WF #5

Looking up stream

Chris standing at Waterfall #6

Acting "normal"!

Linda, Heidi, Lila and Yuko

Waterfall #6


Acting "not so normal"!

(To see the location of waterfalls see TRAILS/Bear Creek Area)


Looking down into the emerald pool

Looking down stream from WF #6

Waterfall #5 and its emerald pool


Heidi and her dad, John, having lunch above Sidewinder Falls

If you look close you can see some bear scrapes


Get ready...get set.....go!



Some of the rest of us

Bill looking down steam at Swamp Falls


Not sure how Bob got on the other side?

But first we must cross the creek....very slick!


....but now we are heading over to V Slop Falls


Even the hillsides were slick...way to go Yuko!


Looking down Bear Creek

Looking just above the V Slot

Danny above and below V Slot Falls

Chris at V Slop Falls

V Slot Falls and part of the slot canyon

Bob and Hugh stayed behind and protected our backpacks

Slot canyon below V Slot Falls

This is where V Slot Falls dumps out into a emerald pool...NICE!


Remember going downhill coming in?

Well it is uphill going out!

And now back across the creek

....being careful not to slip and get wet!


....and uphill

We finally made it to the top in record time...but who has the record?

The upland swamp



These are our "Victory Signs"


It was a beautiful day, beautiful scenery, beautiful waterfalls, beautiful people (for the most part!) and a beautiful hike.  We'll do it again...as soon as we forget how hard it was!

Waterfall #3


Waterfall #3a

I went back on 2/6/12 to find these WF's

Location of #3 & #3a

See TRAILS/Bear Creek for all WF locations